About the Program

Since the program began in 1981 NEET's dedicated volunteer drivers have driven over 2 million miles to provide this service.

Northern Essex Elder Transport, Inc. (NEET) is a non-profit volunteer driver program serving seniors in fourteen communities of the Merrimack Valley.

All transportation is arranged through the local Council on Aging.  NEET supports the operational function of the organization including reimbursement at 55 cents per mile and providing with free supplemental insurance.


Each Council on Aging, with support of NEET staff, recruits their own local corps of volunteer drivers.  Some councils operate vans for local appointments and use the NEET transportation program for long distance rides. The program administrator interviews and goes through the guidelines with the new volunteers to maintain consistency throughout the program.


map of lower Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts
Photo of woman helping older adult out of car

Seniors who need transportation call their local Council on Aging and let them know their transportation needs and the ride is scheduled for them.


Since the program began in 1981 NEET's dedicated volunteer drivers have driven over 2 million miles. The demand for transportation has continued to increase over the years.  NEET drivers, unlike other transit services, have the flexibility to adjust the changes in schedules. For example, if an senior needs a prescription refill after a doctor's visit, a side trip to the pharmacy can often be arranged.


Transportation is vitally important in helping seniors maintain their independence and the NEET program is a vital link to ensure that older adults have access to needed services and opportunities.

Become a Volunteer Driver
Our Mission
  • To continue developing the volunteer transportation program in the fourteen communities according to the needs of the elderly of each community.

  • To recruit volunteer drivers in each of the fourteen communities to provide transportation for elders of each community.

  • To provide information to the aging network and outreach to the elders in the fourteen communities so that they may know of the service and use it.

  • To help seniors maintain healthy and productive lives.


"I cherish the times I volunteer and the friendships I have and continue to make in the process."

My time spent with our seniors continues to inspire me and make me more determined to be their advocate. Through their stories, both good and bad, I can share in their triumphs and shoulder their fears even if it is only for a short ride." 


-Jena H. Volunteer Driver

"I have been volunteering as a driver for NEET for 4 years."


I enjoy helping elders get to their necessary medical appointments and that gives me great pleasure to be able to provide this service.


-Jane M. Volunteer Driver