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Beverly Knapp

Retired NEET Driver for Georgetown

Recently retired as a NEET driver, Beverly Knapp reflected on her six years of service as a volunteer driver.  After a lifetime of working in helping roles, Beverly gained perspective about the assistance many older adults need as she drove her mother to and from medical appointments.  She realized that not all older adults have access to family transportation.

In her role as a former COA director, she witnessed how NEET volunteers make a tangible and caring impact on the senior community.  When she retired, Beverly knew she felt better physically and mentally when she was helping others and decided to become a NEET driver.  Volunteering as a NEET driver gave her the flexibility to also become a member of the Friends of the Georgetown COA and enjoy creating quilts for veterans.

As a NEET driver, Beverly could arrange her volunteerism around other responsibilities and vacation time.   She drove when and where it fit her schedule. Beverly knew it was important for seniors to keep their medical appointments.  What surprised her was just how much she received in return.  Whether it was chatting about the changes in the local community, life’s lessons, recipes or meeting new people, Beverly says she truly felt better about herself and her life’s outlook by helping someone with a ride.   Beverly said that she wanted to make seniors’ day a little better.  Georgetown seniors, the COA and NEET staff agree, she has done that and more.